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» #2495 Use a single peer state map for all channel phases in peer state by dunxen (channel, ChannelPhase, ChannelManager, PeerState)
» #2428 Wait to create a channel until after accepting. by waterson (channel, ChannelManager)
» #2411 Support constructing blinded path onion keys by valentinewallace (blinded paths, onion, crypto)
» #2294 BOLT 12 Offers message handling support by jkczyz (offers, onion messages)
» #2289 Create Taproot feature and introduce signer type enum by arik-so (channel, sign)
» #2204 Support for custom feature bits by jkczyz (lightning-custom-message, features)
» #2089 Add BumpTransaction event handler by wpaulino (events)
» #1924 Handle if funding output is in a coinbase transaction by benthecarman (ChannelManager, Channel)
» #1794 DRAFT: Dual funding messages by dunxen (funding)
» #1689 Expose new BumpChannelClose event for channels with anchor outputs by wpaulino (on-chain)
» #1678 Handle async initial ChannelMonitor persistence failing on restart by TheBlueMatt (tests)
» #1643 Track in-flight HTLCs across payments when routing by jurvis (InvoicePayer)
» #1625 Track Channel Liquidity History in ProbabilisticScorer by TheBlueMatt (routing, ProbabilisticScorer)
» #1601 Intercept htlcs by johncantrell97 (ChannelManager)
» #1507 Store channels per-peer by ViktorTigerstrom (ChannelManager)
» #1503 Onion messages v1 by valentinewallace ()
» #138 FROST by jesseposner (crypto)