FROST (crypto)

Host: ariard  -  PR author: jesseposner

The PR branch HEAD was 6c1cf4e at the time of this review club meeting.



  1. What’s elliptic curve cryptography? What’s the base mathematical assumption providing hardness of the cryptosystems (e.g compared to [RSA]( What are the fundamental concepts of ECC and how do they interrelate?
  2. What’s ECDSA, the original signature scheme supported by Bitcoin consensus rules? What’s Schnorr, the novel signature scheme soft-forked in 2021?
  3. MuSig2 is another multi-party signature scheme. What’s the fundamental difference compared to FROST?
  4. What are the properties of the FROST scheme (e.g unbound concurrency, efficiency, etc)?
  5. What are the operations and their outcomes followed by FROST key-generation, preprocessing and signing phases?
  6. What are the advantages of using FROST in a Lightning node deployment context?