DRAFT: Dual funding messages (funding)


Host: ariard  -  PR author: dunxen

The PR branch HEAD was b1d3eee at the time of this review club meeting.



  1. What’s the message flow of channel opening V1 ? What the logically equivalent sequence of checks processed by both acceptor and initiator ? What are the policy checks realized ?
  2. What’s the dual-funding proposal ? How the mechanism works compared to single-funded channel and the push_msat setting ?
  3. What dual-funding bring as a liquidity tooling compared to a swap ? What are the trade-offs ?
  4. Dual-funding builds on top of the interactive construction protocol, which introduces a collaborative fee-bumping Replace-by-Fee mechanism ? What’s the trade-offs in terms of cost/liveliness/key management/etc compared to Child-Pay-For-Parent ?
  5. What are the downsides of dual-funding with “untrusted” Lightning counterparties, especially in multi-party context ?