Handle if funding output is in a coinbase transaction (ChannelManager, Channel)


Host: dunxen  -  PR author: benthecarman


  • Miners are able to open a Lightning channel using the coinbase transaction of a new block. However, according to bitcoin consensus rules, the outputs of coinbase transactions are not spendable until they reach 100 blocks, known as the coinbase maturity delay.
  • As pointed out in lightning/bolts#1011, Lightning implementations need to ensure that sending channel_ready is delayed for 100 blocks.


  1. Did you have a quick glance or review of the PR?
  2. How do we practically enforce the delay of 100 blocks before sending a channel_ready for channels with coinbase funding transaction in the PR?
  3. Why do we not need to worry about adding any buffer on top of the 100 block maturation delay? Think in terms of re-orgs.
  4. In the Lightning protocol, it’s important that the funding transactions (and all others) are non-malleable (their txids are not malleable). Usually we think of transactions solely spending segwit-style UTXOs as being non-malleable. In what sense are coinbase transactions non-malleable?
  5. Before this PR was it possible for LDK users (who are miners) to open channels using coinbase transactions with the checks we had. Why or why not?
  6. How should 0conf coinbase-funded channels be handled? What if we want to close them within the coinbase maturation period?